Jayden David, 6, suffers from a rare form of epilepsy called Dravet syndrome. Jayden takes a form of medical marijuana that is not psychoactive, so the sweet-tasting infusion he receives four times a day doesn’t make him high. However, the type of marijuana he needs is difficult to find, and federal authorities are threatening to shut down the dispensary his father, Jason David, works with to find that strain.

For more information about Jayden’s progress go to facebook.com/jasonandjaydensjourney

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What was yours like?

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Maine Audubon Staff Naturalist Doug Hitchcox and Louis Bevier go on a journey to find a rare bird.

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Don Atkinson is one of more than a thousand citizen science volunteers who venture out to count Maine's loons each year as part of Maine Audubon's Annual Loon Count, which takes place each year from 7-7:30 a.m. on the third Saturday of July.

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Native plants are a crucial part of the ecosystems that support Maine's birds and wildlife. Through our "Bringing Nature Home" initiative, Maine Audubon is empowering communities to plant and grow native plants and transform the landscapes around them.

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Hillary and Kate celebrated their wedding in Chapel Hill, N.C., but the state won't recognize their marriage.

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Most of the children of the elite and rich in Mexico City don't want to stay in Mexico. Those who do, party.

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