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Chronicle photo intern takes the Polar Plunge, another item crossed off her Michigan 'bucket' list

My body was already shivering uncontrollably while I stood on the ice-covered dock waiting for my turn to go, wearing only a swimsuit, a hula skirt and a lei or two in the 20-something degree weather. I walked to the edge of the dock, noting the fact that the water I was about to jump into was a hole cut into thick ice.  

Neil Sauter does the Electric Slide on stilts and walks nearly 25 miles from Muskegon to Agnew 

It would have been a normal springtime walk, except Sauter is wearing stilts that make him 9 feet tall. His walk Friday, April 26, wouldn't end until he reached the tiny hamlet of Agnew in the West Olive area, 24 miles south. 

Woman rescues seagull tangled in fishing line on Easter Sunday

Tufts threw the towel over the bird, wrapped it up tightly and started cutting the fishing line bit by bit.  At first, the gull tried to bite her hands, but ended up biting its foot instead, making it easier for Tufts to finish the job. 

The Unforgettable Glass of Chai

My last day in India was spent, after careful consideration, wandering around Old Delhi, desperately trying to soak in the essence of the city one last time before I boarded a plane bound for more familiar traditions.